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Established in 2011, Legacy Logistics Inc. ​offers the ultimate in transportation ​solutions. Combining the power of expert ​trucking services and efficient ​brokerage, we offer a comprehensive ​approach to meeting your logistical ​needs.

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Rely on our company-​owned fleet to ensure ​secure and punctual ​delivery.

Leverage our truck ​brokerage expertise ​to match your ​transportation ne​eds with the perf​ect carrier​s.

Drivers and sales ​professionals, elevate ​your career and contact ​us to hear about our ​exceptional team and ​opp​ortunities.


Fleet services

Utilizing our in house fleet services we tailor the transportation ​and delivery of freight to fit your unique needs. By partnering ​with us we will optimize solutions to increase efficiency, reduce ​cost and achieve timely, safe delivery.

Our approach begins with a individualized plan of action ​followed by one-on-one interactions with our management ​team. The Legacy Logistics Dispatch service provides real-time ​updates and coordination throughout the completion of the ​project.

Contact our Fleet Services Team at

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Freight brokage ​Experts

We've provided reliable service to our clientele ​since our early days. We have the honor of ​being the firm of choice of the largest steel and ​pipe manufactures in our region. Recognizing ​the unique needs of our clients we focus on ​forward thinking to maintain excellent service ​despite unexpected variables.

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1 Legacy Drive West Memphis, AR 72301

(901) 507-5850